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My clients include global brands, creative agencies, artists, art galleries, niche brands and social organisations

Global Brands

MIPCOM is the 'world's greatest gathering of TV & entertainment executives'. Until 2024, I also worked on MIPTV, the spring international TV market.  

My role: to identify key themes and stories to bring insight and foresight into the ever-shifting landscape of the international TV & entertainment industry.  Prior to this, I copy checked the English-language versions of their e-marketing material.

Areas of focus: advertising, content trends, finance, data & market intelligence, tech & AI.

Clients: MIP Markets Conference & Content, and Marketing teams in Paris. 

PATRIZIA is a leading European real assets investment manager, with 28 offices globally. The company has a special focus on  building communities and sustainable futures.  

My role: to revise brand messaging and user experience, together with copywriting, for key PATRIZIA website pages.  

My work also included identifying the company's core strengths and launching the PATRIZIA Wealth Solutions website in 2023.

Client: PATRIZIA Digital Marketing team in Augsburg, Germany.

Referred to as the 'Davos of real estate' by the Wall Street Journal, MIPIM attracts around 20,000 industry professionals and city authorities to Cannes each March.  

My role: to write (for SEO) and edit 120 blog posts of around 800-1,000 words each, together with four white papers/reports, covering every aspect of international real estate and urbanism. 

Prior to that I edited MIPIM's English-language marketing material. 

Client: MIPIM Conferences & Partnerships team in Paris. 

URBAN CHANGE was the theme for the MIPIM 2022 conference programme.   

My role: to organise six conference sessions, with a total of 30 speakers from around the world (including city mayors), to debate the themes: the future of cities, sustainable investment, hospitality and how to tackle global challenges locally. 

"It was a great pleasure to work with Gina. I particularly appreciated her high level of commitment, her attention to detail and the fact that she is great to work with!" – Emmanuelle Gueppe, MIPIM Conferences & Partnerships Director.

MIPIM ASIA SUMMIT brings together Asia's top real estate leaders each year in Hong Kong.  

My role: for the 2021 Summit, I wrote and edited a 12-page report for the  Awards Forum. The report focussed on the regional economy,  investment opportunities, and key real estate sectors, including luxury retail, offices, residential and tourism.  

For the MIPIM Blog, I also wrote many articles on Asia, covering topics as diverse as the Belt & Road initiative to key architectural projects. 

Client: MIPIM Conferences & Partnership team in Paris.


Esports BAR was the international event for the esports industry which was then rebranded ESPORTS CONEX in 2023.

My role: to write the copy and map out the user experience for the new Esports CONEX website; and to write 20 blurbs for the  conference sessions, with topics ranging from emerging tech and Web3 to the role of consumer brands. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled. 

Client: MIP Markets Marketing team in Paris.

Creative Agencies

UNINVISIBILITY is a network of creative women working with clients to target the 45+ year-old consumer market in the UK.

My role: to edit three 30-minute video interviews with key inspirational figures, designed to help midlife women relaunch their careers.  This was in exchange for being trained as an Adobe Premiere Pro editor by Houston-based DIzzy Worldwide.

The edited videos were shown as part of a programme for the QVC television shopping channel in 2023.

Client: Uninvisibility, in its lead role, in conjunction with WPP, of the Visible Start programme for midlife women.


ANAÏS BOILEAU is a French artist born in Nîmes in 1992. She explores the boundaries between abstraction and reality, painting and photography, using colour, light and organic shapes and forms to live and revive memories of her native south of France.

My role: to help Anaïs with her website's user experience, the writing of her bio and other English-language project copy, and the copywriting of the newsletter for her solo show in Montpellier and a group show at the Bibliothèque nationale de France/French Ministry of Culture (2023). 

Client: the artist.

Art Galleries 

PODBIELSKI CONTEMPORARY art gallery first opened in Berlin, in 2011, and then moved to Milan.  A key Italian gallery specialising in contemporary art photography, and in particular in the promotion of Italian artists.

My role: to work in print sales at the Podbielski Contemporary booth at Photo London (2023), representing artists including Gabriele Basilico, Florence Di Benedetto, Augusto Cantamessa and Francesco Jodice. 

Print sales is steeped in storytelling – about the works, how they fit into the 'now', the artist's approach and the artists themselves.

Client: the gallery founder and owner.

GALERIE ESTHER WOERDEHOFF is one of the most established art photography galleries in Paris, and Europe, and now also in Geneva. The gallery represents new stars alongside more established names, including Elliott Erwitt, Erwin Blumenthal,  Henri Cartier-Bresson, René Groebli and Simone Kappeler.

My role: to work in print sales at the Galerie Esther Woerdehoff booth at Paris Photo and Photo London.  I also edited the English-language versions of newsletters and other written material for the gallery (2020-22).

Client: the gallery founder and owner.

JGM GALLERY is a leading London-based specialist in contemporary art and the art of First Nations Australians. 

My role: to write and edit the exhibition news releases and the JGM Gallery newsletters, as well as to help with sales.  I was based at the gallery in Battersea one day a week (2021-22).

This involved a steep learning curve in First Nations art and culture, and in contemporary art in Britain.

Client: the gallery founder and owner.

EAST WING, founded in Doha in 2021, is an arts platform  representing artists practising across Europe, Asia, Asia and the Americas. The platform looks to present works that "trigger curiosity" and "reflect on and challenge existing viewpoints".

My role: to work in print sales at three of Europe's top art photography fairs: Paris Photo, Unseen Amsterdam and Photo London, all in 2018.  

Print sales is not only about the prints themselves but about the stories behind them.  

Client: East Wing's artistic director

Niche Brands

YANG JEWELLERY is a luxury jewellery brand based in London & Bangkok. The brand is renowned for its handcrafted, organic designs using colourful, semi-precious stones.

My role: to set up YANG Jewellery's website using Squarespace – establishing key brand messaging, website designuser experience and doing the copywriting, picture editingimage retouching.  Website launched in 2020.

Client: the founder, Yang, with a brief for a website to showcase her jewellery and act as a contact point for prospective clients.

Parallel49/Clos Driver Wine Tours

This Lyon-based wine agency & consultancy supplies some of the most sought-after domaines in France's top wine-growing regions to clients around the world. 

My role: to organise photo shoots across Champagne, Burgundy and Alsace for PARALLEL 49 and its luxury wine tours subsidiary, CLOS DRIVER.  I took and edited pictures of some 30 producers and their domaines over 2016 and 2017.

"Gina kept a level head during what were gruelling routines, and she fitted in easily on a social and professional level. Our clients were very happy with the results"  – Sébastien Crozatier, founder.

Social Organisations

Talk for Health is a social organisation which teaches a method developed by psychologists of 'talking for [mental] health'.  

My role: to take still photos and shoot social media video for an event held at the House of Lords in 2024. I then edited the video coverage, including selecting highlights for social media. 

Speakers included Nicky Forsythe, founder & CEO of Talk forHealth, Lady Philippa Perry and Dr Iain Jordan, Clinical Psychiatrist andClinical Director of Clerkenwell Health.  

Client: Talk for Health founder. 

Voluntary Work

ASHA, the Alchemy School of Healing Arts, is  a retreat centre near the southern Tuscan town of Castell'Azzara, where I've worked in exchange for board and lodging for the last three years.

My role: to 'beautify' the gardens a couple of weeks before the start of the retreat season, pruning and shaping. I'm trained as a garden designer and I've studied landscape architect.

Client: ASHA was founded by Anthony Abbagnano, also founder of Alchemy of Breath, and naturopath Amy Rachelle.

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