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In the arts & beyond

I work with brands to help them find their authentic voice and to tell their story.   

My focus is on clarity.  My tools are words & images. 

In the spotlight

Client: MIPIM/RX France

March 2023

A 2,500-word article for MIPIM World Blog on the race to net zero in the built environment to set the scene and introduce the key player ahead of MIPIM 2023, the annual international real estate event held in Cannes. 

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Have you found your authentic voice?

I'm based in London.  I work internationally.  My mother tongue is English.  I'm also fluent in French. 

My blog: 'A Conscious Way to Travel' 

'A Conscious Way to Travel' was born as a sideline out of my frustration in finding magical places to eat, drink and be inspired by, despite the plethora of travel tips at our fingertips.   

'Conscious' places are about slowing down, being more aware. They are beautiful places offering a distinct experience: ART to lift the soul; NATURAL WINE and HUMAN WARMTH to free the spirit; and SEASONAL FOOD prepared with THE HEART to replenish the body.

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