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BLOG: A Conscious Way to Travel

  1. A chirpy weekend in BERLIN

    Flying east of London, for a weekend in Berlin, the solacing chirping of sparrows in the leafy trees outside my room wakes me gently each morning from my slumbers. By contrast, at home in London, I wake to the harsh squawking of parakeets For bird song – not squawking –…

  2. A ‘simple place’ in BOLOGNA

    I’m a hunter of experiences … of patterns and of meaning. On my third visit to Bologna, I finally found a restaurant that linked with my heart: Ahimè, or ‘alas’, recorded in the Italian dictionary as an expression of ‘physical or spiritual pain, discomfort or dismay’ I found…

  3. CHAMPAGNE time, France: Dec 2023

    With the clock ticking down to a new year, it’s time to get out the champagne, and for me to recheck my tips and recap on my journeys to the Champagne region in France.  I visited the region in  2016 and 2017, to photograph at the domaines of 17

  4. LES COLS near Girona: Nov 2023/2018

    I had a dream … to visit Les Cols, in the outskirts of Olot, a town in the foothills of the Girona Pyrenees. Les Cols is a two Michelin star restaurant in a 15th century masia, or country house, refreshed with an architecturally striking modern touch, and set among

  5. The SEPTIME family, Paris: Nov 2023

    A cluster of great places to eat and drink have sprung up around the one Michelin-starred Septime restaurant since it opened in 2011 in the backstreets of Paris’ 11th district, east of Bastille.  I have yet to eat at Septime. It’s one of those places hard to find a table.…

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