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  1. CHAMPAGNE time, France: Dec 2023

    With the clock ticking down to a new year, it’s time to get out the champagne, and for me to recheck my tips and recap on my journeys to the Champagne region in France.  I visited the region in  2016 and 2017, to photograph at the domaines of 17

  2. LES COLS near Girona: Nov 2023/2018

    I had a dream … to visit Les Cols, in the outskirts of Olot, a town in the foothills of the Girona Pyrenees. Les Cols is a two Michelin star restaurant in a 15th century masia, or country house, refreshed with an architecturally striking modern touch, and set among

  3. The SEPTIME family, Paris: Nov 2023

    A cluster of great places to eat and drink have sprung up around the one Michelin-starred Septime restaurant since it opened in 2011 in the backstreets of Paris’ 11th district, east of Bastille.  I have yet to eat at Septime. It’s one of those places hard to find a table.…

  4. CANAL SAINT-MARTIN, Paris: Nov 2023

    Two years had gone by since my first visit to Early June, a buvette, a few steps away from the Canal Saint-Martin, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.  “You’re back,” exclaimed Camille Machet, co-founder, together with her partner in life Victor Vautier, when I walked through the door

  5. Mediterranean MARSEILLE: Jly 2023

    I feel at home on the streets of Marseille. Maybe because I’m an exile (by choice). “Marseille is, and always has been, the port of exiles .… whoever disembarks in the port is inevitably at home,” wrote Marseille author Jean-Claude Izzo.  In July 2023, I made my fifth…

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